WIND Mobile—You’ve Been Warned

This story concerns a good friend of mine who recently switched to WIND Mobile to save a few bucks on his monthly phone bill. Before I begin, please note that I don’t represent any of WIND‘s competitors, nor am I writing this to slander the minor telecom company.

What you’re about to hear is my perspective of a story that sheds a negative light on WIND. I hope it encourages you to REALLY consider the long-term implications of going with a smaller telecom company—and to not share in a boneheaded mistake we made.

Final disclaimer: This truly is a story about my friend, not me. But whatever, believe what you wanna.

Act 1: The Theft

It’s a beautiful June evening in Vancouver. At 8:30, the sky’s still blue and everyone knows an epic sunset’s right around the corner. A few friends and I decided to walk our friend’s husky, Luna, down to a nearby beach. We parked our car in a public lot and left our responsibilities behind us.

Since I like to cut down on my daily screen time—which includes phones, laptops and TVs—I left my phone in the car’s passenger-side door. With it’s wallet case, the Samsung Galaxy S4 would await my return along with my IDs and credit cards. Convenient, eh? Meanwhile, my buddy left his much newer Samsung Galaxy S5 (that’s right, a whole generation newer than mine) in the door opposite.

Needless to say, the phones and all of my plastic pieces of me were swept into the night by douche bags with door jimmies.

Yes, the car was locked and, yes, we only noticed we’d been robbed after seating ourselves and reaching like a blinded Lindsay Lohan at Mardi Gras for our belongings.

Act 2: Immediate Aftermath

With my wallet lost, I had to borrow a friend’s phone and cancel my credit cards. Turns out my VISA was used twice that night to fill up gas at a local Shell station. The bastards.

Luckily, I was covered for the illegal transactions and, luckily, I recovered all of my personal information within the week.

As for our phones, my buddy and I were served a different brand of luck.

Act 3: F$#kin’ Phone Companies…

We’ll start with my situation because…well…I make the rules. Just kidding, major telecom corporations do.

I’m lucky enough to be working for one of these corporations in the near future, so I’ll be using one of their employee-priced plans when I start work. Yes, awesome, I know.

Right now I’m on a Rogers family plan. It’s a good plan that I won’t have for much longer. So, I went to the mall and got a cheap piece of sh!t phone for $50 off a kiosk manager. It takes a minute to load each webpage and the speaker doesn’t work, but I can text.

Basically, I bought a pager.

Meanwhile, my buddy was about to enter Fury Road. He’d been with WIND for 3 months leading to the robbery. So, he approached the friendly service reps and asked what his options were.

They were:

1) Buy out the phone…for $700 CDN.

2) Buy a new—not as good phone—for $300 CDN.

Or, 3) Go F$@k himself.

Needless to say, he was a little lost. So, some caring family members offered him their old phones, hoping WIND would activate them on their network.

The answer: “None of them can be used on our network, sir.”

Since my friend doesn’t wanna buy a phone off Craigslist for fear of it being locked or unusable, he’s been using his mom’s phone ever since.

She now lives every mothers dream…falling asleep each night to the alarming drum of her son’s texts.

Bonus Act: WIND‘s Adorable Attempt at Customer Service

From the powerless sales people at their kiosks who claim “we can’t do anything, sorry sir,” to the joke of a corporate service team responsible for handling complaints, WIND has made zero effort to help my buddy out..besides offering to cut the $25 SIM card activation fee by $10.

It’s been weeks since several polite emails were sent to their service team, with no response.

To me, that’s the biggest issue. I understand WIND exists for those looking to save a few bucks, but the complete apathy toward my friend (they wouldn’t take even $10 off a $700 buyout plan) should be publicly known. This is the risk you take in going with them.

It’s your choice, do what you want.

What Did We Learn?


2) You get what you pay for: WIND might be a cheap alternative to the big-three Canadian telecom companies, but that means they’re customer service seriously lacks. Are the steeper prices with Telus, Rogers and Bell worth the better service presence?

3) Never leave your belongings in a parked car, even if it’s locked.

4) Cancel your credit card IMMEDIATELY after losing it.

5) File a police report—there’s a remote chance they’ll catch the baddies.

And 6) Don’t steal from me…or I’ll write about how bad you made me feel.

Click here to share your own bad WIND Mobile experiences.

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