Why Everyone Should Miss Jon Stewart

This past week, a comedic great left our TVs, laptops, iPhones, iPads, Kindles, GameBoys and everything else people own that has a screen. Which is sad, because he lit all of ’em up.

The New Jersey native redefined the comedic genre when he took over for Craig Kilborn as Daily Show host in 1999, mastering a craft that has become the primary source of political news for millions of giggle-loving North Americans.

If you happen to have a sense of humour, a brain that can handle some good ol’ sarcasm, and about a week to spare, go on YouTube and type in “Jon Stewart exposes” or “embarrasses” or “humiliates.” A little more than a few videos will pop up, and they’re ALL SO DAMN GOOD.

I’m a caucasian male in his early twenties living in Western Canada, and Jon captivated me in a way that only a handful of entertainers can.

Anyway, here’s why I think ‘the little Jewish boy that could’ rocked everyone’s world for the past 16 years.

He Made Every Boring Political Event Interesting

Jon and his team of writers could approach any topic—from impressively boring C-SPAN broadcasts to legal proceedings where short, understandable words are considered ‘highlights’—and give them an absolutely HILARIOUS spin.

Some examples:

  • Gitmo, the Guantanamo Bay prisoner who shamelessly resembles a beloved children’s show character. 
  • Bulls*hit Mountain, a pile of excrement that grows every time those in power use rhetoric to get their way.
  • Anything Fox News did. Literally, anything that backwards-ass propaganda engine did barely had to be given a comedic angle by Daily Show writers.

Which brings us to our next point.

His Comedic Assault on Fox News was Legendary

Being a liberal, critics of Jon’s work often accuse him of using his broadcast to spout a left-wing agenda.

In my humble opinion, that’s a misconception. Scratch that, it’s complete blasphemy.

For those who believe the Daily Show spouts liberal propaganda and is not a satire show designed to combine laughter with thinking, then look no further than Fox News‘ war on Christmas segment—which proves everything Jon’s accused Fox of being.

According to Fox News correspondent Megan Kelly, Santa Claus is white—and there’s not a g*d d*mn thing diversity campaigns can do about it. Apparently, racism should extend to fictional characters.

He Launched More Comedy Careers Than Saturday Night Live

Well, not really. But his one-hour finale show proved the comedy landscape is littered with lil’ Jon Stewarts hither and thither. The Best F*cking News Team Ever (Sorry, Ron Burgundy and our friends at Channel 4) ALWAYS delivered.

Among them:

  • Steve Carell
  • Stephen Colbert
  • Rob Riggle
  • John Oliver

Those Correspondents Made Comedy News Better Than Real News

I laughed at pretty much every segment I saw on The Daily Show, but a correspondent’s presence basically guaranteed a few giggles.

Reporting from everywhere in the world—as indicated by the ‘very real’ backgrounds behind them—it’s amazing to think that four of these segments are produced every week. I grew up fantasizing about being a reporter in the field, chasing down leads and showin’ the world what’s what, but imagine doing it in a way where you get to expose the ignorant and evil in such an effective way.

I can’t think of just one interview that captures how beautiful those moments of truth can be, so just take my word for it.

Or go ahead and watch the show.

Jon’s Impressions and Politically Incorrect Accents Forced Audiences to Smile

Whether it was his masterful grasp of New Jersian slang, that Southern Turtle(?) drawl used to mimic Republican Mitch McConnell, or his attempts to capture an angry Englishman‘s accent, Jon’s vocal coach brought it erry’ night.

In my opinion, the use of his ridiculous accents helped define the show in a way that no single segment could. It helps mock the fact that Fox News attempts to engage in ideological debates with the man himself, even though The Daily Show isn’t actually a news outlet. It discredits them as a legitimate news source, which they don’t realize.

Then, after all that, they get absolutely destroyed by some ruthlessly efficient debating skills…by a comedian.

Which brings me to my last point.

Jon’s Ownership of Bill O’Reilly is Bigger than TV Itself

The fact these two contrarians repeatedly engage in debates on each other’s telecasts is quite important. It offers a platform where the right can argue with the left in a (mostly) respectful tone.

Most importantly, it’s entertaining as hell.

And that was The Daily Show’s raison d’etre: to entertain while inform.

Thanks for reading. As your reward, I leave you with a few minutes of David kicking Goliath’s self-righteous a**.

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