Badminton—Another word for “Jedi Training”

Me vs. Badminton—An Origin Story

I was never a huge fan of P.E. in high school. Always with the softball, ultimate frisbee and 10-mile runs—never about the Smash Bros.Halo or Modern Warfare.

There were Xbox games to play, girls to hide from, colourful new herbs to smoke, difficult classes to kill my confidence.

I was always too preoccupied with the complications of teen-hood when badminton unit hit. As if I had time to focus on my serve…I had to lock down a tolerable partner for the three-week unit.

Luckily, partners changed everyday. So, I was given 15 days to work on my negotiation and crisis management skills.

Or, I’d be stuck with “Smelly Gary” and/or “Smellier Brad” for an hour of running and sweating.

Needless to say, my relationship with tennis’ distant cousin is complicated.

Today: The Benefits of Being a Stay-At-Home-Son

stay at home son

As it stands, I’m an easily stressed twenty-four-year-old whose body demands a daily workout.

Parking myself in front of a TV or computer screen all day just doesn’t cut it. I get the jitters—and not the fun kind.

As I’m sure you know, it’s summertime…for a few more weeks. My job as a stay-at-home-son recently earned me a badminton net being installed on a patch of grass in the backyard. My dad’s idea.

At first, I figured it’d be a fun activity for my family…especially those under the age of 10.

Instead, my feet have trampled the entire grassy surface into a browny pulp.

Hello, Jedi Academy.

Why Badminton’s An Awesome Outdoor Activity

  1. Anyone can play. I’ve found that convincing some of my lady-friends to play hockey, basketball or football can be tough. It seems that badminton presents a non-intimidating way to get anyone on the giggle train.
  2. It doesn’t matter if you’re good. Very few sports are still fun if you suck. I like to win, but I’m not that P.O.’d when I lose a great game. When losing’s fun, you’ve found a gem.
  3. Rallying can be epic. Instead of playing a competitive game, try to keep a rally going for as long as possible with friends. No matter who’s involved, a surprising flash of athleticism will emerge from even the most inactive of ‘Sportsers’ (Mr. Webster, add that to your big book o’ words).
  4. It SIGNIFICANTLY improves your hand-eye coordination. Forget baseball. Forget tennis. Now, remember them again…and compare them to badminton. All three grant Jedi-like powers.
  5. The rush that comes from returning a spike is LEGENDARY. Rejecting a friend with the finesse of Luke Skywalker (post-introduction to the Dark Side) is 100 times more fun than sitting through Attack of the Clones again.
  6. Birdies are $1.50 for 5 at your local corner store. The sport is cheap as heck. Excuse my language. Set aside $40 Canadian and get ready for a summer of mimicking Samurai in the park.

I leave you with the game at it’s finest: 

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