Yesterday at the Bank…

I work at a bar, right? Over the past two months I’ve been collecting my tips and putting them in…an unknown location in my room. After lying awake at 4, waiting for sleep, I switched on the light and counted it up.

After 63 days of employment, I’d earned X amount.

X!!!! Dope as hell, right?

So, the next day I decided to turn all that real green (insert weed joke here) into digital dollars. I went to my local credit union and approached the til’—about ten minutes before closing time.

Before I go on, know that I fully understand the implications of this. I’ve felt the pain of almost closing up shop at the bar and having 11 incredibly drunk, incredibly obnoxious D-bags walk through the front door.

Knowing this, I approached the til, said “I’m gonna make your day,” to the cute clerk…

Wait. Don't.

And put a 15-pound ziplock bag full of loose change on the counter.

Standing there, my giant bag of loot on the table, it became obvious I wasn’t an impressive sight.

“I’m really sorry about this, but I wanna deposit all of this change and cash please,” I said, like some asshole.

She was really friendly about it, counting up the bills with a machine while also computerizing (should be a word if it’s not).

“What about the coins?” I asked.

“I’ll meet you at the counter nearest the wall.”

She handed me a few short, colourful pieces of paper and gave me a tutorial in how to roll coins. And my involuntary 20 minutes as a humble serf began.


wahlbergI try to not be a lazy person, and attempted to quickly become a master coin roller.

I gave up in about ten minutes. I’d had a reasonably stressful day with typical work and life complications, so I was tired and cranky. Wanting to be done with this sh1t, I asked a nearby clerk to help me.

“Hi, um, I don’t wanna do this anymore.”

“I’m sorry sir?”

I gestured toward the mess of coins and paper in front of me.

“I don’t feel like doing this, I understand it’s the policy, so I’ll just take my coins and go.”

She smiled, “Give me a quick moment and I’ll deposit the coins you have rolled.”

“Alright,” I responded, and stood there patiently for five minutes. I got bored and ended up rolling the rest of my coins.



No joke, the moment I twisted the last roll of coins shut, the clerk returned.

And I apologized profusely for arriving to a bank at closing time and expecting a clerk to count my money.

All I want to know is: Should I have apologized for performing 20 minutes of free labour?

For an institution I pay to service me…in a financial kinda way?

You decide. Ol’ buddy, Ol’ pal. 🙂

Am I a total dick? Too Canadian for my own good?

Or was I done wrong?

(Insert witty and equally thought-provoking sign-off here)

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One thought on “Yesterday at the Bank…

  1. You’re a dick plain and simple.

    Just kidding

    You may have come at an inconvenient time but it’s still their job. Not everyone is good at money math, so it’s their job to count your money for you. My two cents


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