Should I Bother Voting?

I often wonder about the state of our political system…and I’m not alone.

Every year, billions of dollars are pumped into attack ads, slander campaigns and those little eraser-less pencils that are designed to help Canada choose its next Alpha (The Prime Minister) and Omega (Deputy Prime Minister).

You gotta love the democratic process.

Realistically, we have three choices…one more than our American neighbours do. The Conservatives, Liberals and NDP.

Before continuing on in your perusal of this blog, know that I find Canadian politics ruthlessly boring. Maybe it’s the unavoidable contrast it draws with its cousin, who lies just South of the border in today’s version of Ancient Rome—the sexy, sloppy, drug-fuelled American political juggernaut.

Whether it’s Donald Trump embarking on yet another racist—but incredibly calculated—rant about the US-Mexican border, or Obama flashing his age in a sexy pair of dad jeans, CBC’News Hour is a bore-fest compared to literally anything produced by Fox News.

I don’t care about Harper’s economic plan. I wanna know if Kanye’s seriously considering the presidency,

Anyway, the entertainment value of Canada’s democratic model isn’t on trial here. It’s the electoral system itself.

And as it stands, I might not vote this October.


Whenever I suggest this possibility, I’m met with an impressive amount of resistance.

“Your neglecting the right your ancestors died for.”

I understand how important the democratic process is. It works swimmingly with this whole “freedom” thing, and I agree that the people should decide their nation’s direction.

Let’s cut to the chase—why I’m skeptical about our governance model:

  • It assumes the minority’s opinion is wrong. Just because more people like something doesn’t mean it’s better. Remember when you voted for the prom king? I rest my case.
  • Capitalism ensures that EVERY vote is bought. In my opinion, if you have a big name in politics, you’re satisfying a CEO’s thirst for power. The days of idealism in parliament are over. PAY UP TO HAVE YOUR SAY.
  • Voting suggests you’re content with the current system. Personally, I think Trudeau’s a spoiled daddy’s boy, the NDP’s love of unions would kill our economy, Stephen Harper’s bought and paid for by corporations, and the Green Party’s so irrelevant that voting for them’s like defending Nikki Minaj’s integrity. It’s pointless and you’ll never even convince yourself.
  • Why are only wealthy people eligible to lead? Here’s Donald Trump’s campaign platform: I’m rich. People REALLY respect that. That’s not scary?

Now please understand one thing: I’m VERY AWARE of how lucky I am to live in a democratic society.

I’ve googled “North Korea” and “Freedom” and found 12 results. All of them were links to Funny or Die articles.

The bottom line: Can neglecting to vote achieve meaningful change? 

Forward thinkers like Russell Brand think so. But he’s just one outside-the-box thinker who’s trying to envision a reality better than this.

I wonder who my grandparents will elect next month.

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(Insert witty and equally thought-provoking sign off here)

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