Same Old Controversy: American Gun Control

In case nothing jumped off the page while you were scanning Google News today, there was another mass shooting in the U.S. This time in Oregon, a state known for it’s liberal tendencies.

I know, nothing new or interesting here. Shootings in America have become so commonplace, so old hat, so expected, they’re receiving the same media treatment experienced by every space mission after 1969. 

“Pfft, another re-run?”

The Columbine shooting ushered in a new era in American history—one that would be defined by questions, and virtually no answers. Whether it be CNNMSNBCBBC News or even the pseudo-news outlet of Fox News, the reports are essentially the same.

America will wake up to another series of ‘concerned’ panelists that are asked another series of questions on any one of the country’s major broadcasting networks. These academics, public figures and pro/anti gun activists will attempt to answer both the psychological and social factors that played into this particular shooting…and the only beneficiary will be the network directors who praise The Lord Above for a great news day.

But this isn’t a discussion about religion. Let’s praise Chris Mintz for his bravery and get on with the discussion.

After listening to President Obama’s response to the Oregon shootings, the obvious frustration repeatedly experienced by the White House is becoming increasingly potent. I’m not one to buy into Presidential addresses—as politicians are actors being fed lines by a team of highly skilled crisis managers—but I admire Barack’s attempt to leave a legacy with this climactic speech.

You can watch it here.

Instead of accusing the shooter, Obama states that current gun laws were responsible for this recent tragedy. Essentially, the commander-in-chief spent these 12 minutes criticizing the Congressional gridlock that prohibits any meaningful change in American gun legislation.

After the Newton shooting in late 2012, a massive push for banning guns altogether in the U.S. was reignited after years of dormancy. At the time, I admired the movement’s idealism but disagreed with its effectiveness.

My argument: banning guns in the US would create a massive weapons industry black market. In essence: there’d be no good guys with guns to cancel out the bad ones.

But the 74 school shootings since Sandy Hook might’ve proved me wrong.

Which brings us back to the Oregon shooting.

  • I agree that Americans MUST be screened extensively before purchasing a weapon.
  • I believe the Federal government CAN improve the situation through meaningful legislative change.
  • I DON’T believe that more guns are the answer.
  • High-calibre assault weapons SHOULD NOT be available to the public.
  • And, no. Violent video games aren’t responsible.

But what can be done today to improve this situation?

A huge segment of America defies anyone that threatens to strip them of the right to bare arms. There’s a North-South split on this issue that harkens whispers of the American Revolution. The South LOVES their guns more than life itself (sorry for the generalization but it’s not a stretch), and a large portion of the North struggles to believe that an America without guns is safe for their children.

And for good reason.

Regardless, America’s leaders will get back to a more pressing issue after the dust clears later this week: oil wars half a world away.

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2 thoughts on “Same Old Controversy: American Gun Control

  1. Obama can blame whatever he wants and cry foul all he wants that people will say he’s politicizing these events. That’s exactly what he is doing. To never let a good crisis go to waste has been the credo of the Left for years and everyone knows it. Everything that isn’t right is always some kind of crisis.

    What the Left won’t talk about about concerning gun control is the same thing they try to hide about everything else. The bigger/more powerful government becomes the less it matters how creatively and carefully legislation is written to benefit society without threatening liberty. Incompetence/ignorance and corruption of the rank and file within the massive bureaucracies end up misinterpreting/twisting the spirit of the legislation and mishandle the power. It’s this knowledge that causes the conservative right in America to fight so hard against more government control over anything. *** Certainly, the IRS is plenty of proof all by itself.

    It has always amazed me that people have cried for years and years that government is full of liars, idiots and crooks yet somehow think the answer to our problems is always more government.

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    1. I’m inclined to agree the government could be over it’s head with this one. Although I’ve always laughed at Americans who argue weapons will protect them against their own government. If the American military-the most powerful force on earth—wants your land, you won’t see them coming with your Colt .45. And yeah, he’s politicizing this, but SOMETHING has to be done. However, I’m not gonna pretend like I know the answer…


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