So, you want to teach English in Hong Kong

Living overseas is an experience like no other. No matter how long you're gone for, where you go, or who you go with, it's important to remember that life abroad is deeply personal. Especially for the first few months, aka the "honey moon" phase, you'll revel in the abundant differences between your homeland and the [...]

Roundabouts vs. Intersections; ‘Murica vs. Jolly Ol’

There's only one thing I hate more than physical pain: boredom. Like Sherlock Holmes, my darkest fear is being slowly bored to death by a mid-season baseball game, or a rehearsal of the musical West Side Story by a group of overly confident amateurs. Which explains why I despite sitting in traffic with the vitriolic hatred of a thousand [...]

Tequila Shots in the Dominican: A Coming-of-Age Tale

In the June of 2009 my friends and I were to be released from the confines of high school through the magical process of 'graduation'. It being our final year in public school we decided to go on a grad trip. The Destination The plan was to fly hundreds of teenagers across Canada to a country that [...]

Tourist Scam-Amsterdam

The following will help you avoid a common tourist scam when visiting Weederdam—err, Amsterdam: The Setup This past May I had the privilege of visiting Amsterdam—Holland's capital city—with my cousin. Having never visited a European city outside of England before, I was ridiculously excited to experience a totally new and different way of life. Plus, I'd [...]