In Defense of Batman V Superman: How Warner Bros. Marketing Team Will Cost the Company Billions

This past weekend, the movie going public showed up in droves to witness Warner Bros. latest instalment in their long-gestating Justice League franchise. The studio had made every effort to market the superhero epic as a cage match, of sorts, between Henry Cavill's Superman and JLo's ex-boyfriend's Dark Knight. As I always do before heading to the [...]

Why Everyone Should Miss Jon Stewart

This past week, a comedic great left our TVs, laptops, iPhones, iPads, Kindles, GameBoys and everything else people own that has a screen. Which is sad, because he lit all of 'em up. The New Jersey native redefined the comedic genre when he took over for Craig Kilborn as Daily Show host in 1999, mastering a [...]

Silicon Valley-My New Favourite Show

Is HBO capable of producing a show that's anything less than...really damn good? I'm not entirely sure, since I'm but one man who's seen only a handful of shows the subscription-based network has offered through the years. To date, my two favourites are Game of Thrones and the late Entourage. Curb Your Enthusiasm also rates quite high, but it [...]