Yesterday at the Bank…

I work at a bar, right? Over the past two months I've been collecting my tips and putting them unknown location in my room. After lying awake at 4, waiting for sleep, I switched on the light and counted it up. After 63 days of employment, I'd earned X amount. X!!!! Dope as hell, right? [...]

Should All Drugs Be Legalized?

As far as I know, I've never been addicted to anything. The closest thing would probably be food and water, which I'm told are basic human needs and don't count. I'm not against weed—by any stretch of the imagination—and I try to keep my distance from pills, tablets and basically anything else the pharmaceutical industry throws at [...]

Tequila Shots in the Dominican: A Coming-of-Age Tale

In the June of 2009 my friends and I were to be released from the confines of high school through the magical process of 'graduation'. It being our final year in public school we decided to go on a grad trip. The Destination The plan was to fly hundreds of teenagers across Canada to a country that [...]

House Party Done WRONG

In my final year of high school I decided to have a house party. With graduation coming in June and the pressure to have fun dominating my every thought, I adopted a time-tested strategy: beg my parents for the opportunity to let a bunch of random kids walk through our front door and do illegal [...]

Why Everyone Should Miss Jon Stewart

This past week, a comedic great left our TVs, laptops, iPhones, iPads, Kindles, GameBoys and everything else people own that has a screen. Which is sad, because he lit all of 'em up. The New Jersey native redefined the comedic genre when he took over for Craig Kilborn as Daily Show host in 1999, mastering a [...]

Tourist Scam-Amsterdam

The following will help you avoid a common tourist scam when visiting Weederdam—err, Amsterdam: The Setup This past May I had the privilege of visiting Amsterdam—Holland's capital city—with my cousin. Having never visited a European city outside of England before, I was ridiculously excited to experience a totally new and different way of life. Plus, I'd [...]

Martin St. Louis Retires-Why He’s Bigger than the Game

Last month, the Mighty Mouse of hockey retired from the professional game. It was a decision that concerned his family above all else. With his three sons entering their teen-hood, the Laval native chose to end his career on a positive note—as a key member of a team that came within one game of the Stanley Cup Final [...]

Why Star Wars VII Equals $$$

With post-production of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens entering it's final editing phase, director J.J. Abrams' continuation of the incredibly popular sci-fi series recently found another reason to smile. If Comic-Con was indication enough, fans are foaming at the mouths to catch a glimpse of franchise favourites like Han, Luke and Chewie on the big screen [...]

WIND Mobile—You’ve Been Warned

This story concerns a good friend of mine who recently switched to WIND Mobile to save a few bucks on his monthly phone bill. Before I begin, please note that I don't represent any of WIND's competitors, nor am I writing this to slander the minor telecom company. What you're about to hear is my perspective [...]

Tom Cruise’s Second Chance

Remember 2006? The Winter Olympics took place in Turin, Italy, French footballer Zinedine Zidane famously head-butted Italian defender Marco Materazzi in the FIFA World Cup Final, and Australian wildlife expert Steve Irwin died in a tragic swimming accident. In Hollywood news, Tom Cruise was ranked by Forbes magazine as the most powerful celebrity on the planet. [...]